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Business Relationship Manager

Excellent Interpersonal and communication skill, 2 wheeler and a valid driving licence and minimum 2 years experience in marketing

Business Development Manager

Smart and energetic applicants with great communication and presentations skills and more than 1 year of experience

Senior iOS Developer

Proficiency in Swift, Xcode, instruments, storyboard, lldb and Cocoa Touch. Familiar with iOS design pattern, software technologies and development

Senior Android Developer

Proficiency in Java, Kotlin, Android Studio, profiling tools, DDMS, ADB etc

Junior Android Developer

Experience with Android platform, design language and application development to build the next generation apps

ReactJS Developer

Good experience with TypeScript/JavaScript, ReactJS and modern web technologies etc to build web apps and websites.

Backend Developer

Versed in python, python frameworks (fastAPI, django etc), REST, SOAP, databases, sockets and other modern backend software technologies


Analyzing software that we build, considering use cases and testing the software to find flaws, inconsistencies and suggesting improvements